Acupuncture works on the imaginary lines of the body known as Meridians. An inserted Acupuncture needle frees blockages and assists the flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. Qi is your life force, your energy. Activated energy acts as a catalyst for the body to begin self-healing.

Sound Therapy Healing

Sound Therapy Healing is a non-invasive technique based on Ancient Chinese Medicine which uses tuning forks that are applied to various Acupuncture points within the body.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage is perhaps one of the most commonly known methods of de-stressing, relaxing and healing. Natalie will apply various techniques of massage according to your needs. Working the muscles at a deeper level is often necessary to release the tension due to an energy stagnation that has accumulated over time.

Combination Treatments

Facial Rejuvenation

Our Rejuvenating Facial works on beauty marks, yes our wrinkles. This treatment uses thin Acupuncture needles and Facial Cupping, both of which are highly effective in opening meridians and allowing Qi and blood to flow smoothly resulting in a renewed, fresh and vibrant look.

Workshops- NEW!

Connect you to your Higher Self.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation has been practiced in Ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. While in the womb, the placenta is literally a lifeline to the fetus. After birth, the expelled placenta is said to be a nourishment powerhouse for the mother. The encapsulation process takes approximately 24 hours; during this time the placenta is steamed, dehydrated, ground and encapsulated.

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